Bespoke furniture

In case you didn't find your dream slow-wood piece in our store. We'll be glad to inform you further about the tremoundous creative development we're able to propose.

Custom-made for you

Our Bespoke service addresses the individual needs of our clients and offers the best in terms of craftsmanship, design, and materials. The service allows ample room for personalization and provides for a genuinely exclusive furniture piece.

We prefer personal dialogue over one-way mass communication and adapt our services to the preferences and needs of our clients. ‘Individuality’ also applies to our work; our pieces are literally one of a kind; we not only make just one of each, but also ensure it is unique in design.

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If you are interested in a bespoke furniture piece, you may inquire about the possibilities by filling in the form below and request an offer. We will be pleased to get in touch with you to discuss how we can serve your needs best.

Read more about our made-to-order services to discover what the Bespoke Service looks like from beginning till end.

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